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Welcome to, the online home of Las Vegas-based photographer Jerry Hughes. With a deep-rooted passion for capturing unforgettable moments, Jerry has established himself as a versatile artist specializing in action photography, team and individual photography, portraiture, teaching workshops, and providing editing services for fellow photographers.

Driven by a genuine love for the craft, Jerry's artistic vision is fueled by a desire to freeze the raw emotions and energy of his subjects in time. His dedication to his craft shines through in every frame, resulting in captivating and dynamic photographs that tell compelling stories.

In the bustling cheer and sports photography scene, Jerry Hughes stands out internationally for his unique ability to capture the essence of action. Whether it's capturing athletes in mid-flight or freeze-framing adrenaline-fueled moments, Jerry's photographs encapsulate the excitement and energy of each moment, leaving viewers captivated and eager for more.

Jerry's passion for sharing his knowledge and expertise with others is evident in his engaging workshops. From beginners seeking to master the fundamentals to experienced photographers looking to refine their skills, Jerry's workshops provide invaluable insights, practical tips, and hands-on experiences that empower aspiring photographers to take their craft to new heights.

Additionally, Jerry Hughes offers professional editing services that cater to the needs of fellow photographers. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of various editing techniques, Jerry collaborates with photographers to enhance their images, bringing their creative vision to life and ensuring their work stands out in a competitive industry.

Experience the world through Jerry Hughes's lens by exploring his stunning portfolio on Instagram.  From action-packed shots to captivating portraits, Jerry's work is a testament to his unwavering dedication, technical skill, and artistic flair.

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