There are certain places in the world that are pure magic and The Valley of Fire is definintely one of them.  A sacred area amoungst the native people in the region, Valley of Fire is a geologic wonder of Aztec sandstone and silica deposits that create a background for endless photographic possibilities.


You will shoot in a small group setting  with two photographers (@jerryhughesphoto and @snappedbydrew and videographer @peytonhughesproductions) for 2+ hours in a variety of settings.  Each person will receivie a minimum of 30 edited high resolution digital images and will be included in a recap video of the event.


There will be time for at least three outfit changes.  Be prepared to change in a natural environment with minimal privacy. Strong colors like red, black and white do well against this backdrop.  Avoid pastels as they cannot compete with the natural background.


Transportation will be provided to and from the Las Vegas make up location.  Make up is not included in the session fee but is highly reccommended for the best results.  Due to the nature of our permit you may not drive your own vehicle to the shooting location.  There is space for one child and one adult for each package purchased in the van.  Our permit limits the amount of people as well as the number of vehicles on site at one time and I have no way to deviate from this.


Finally it can be cold in December, please check the forcast and dress accordingly.  Usually the sun is shining and the weather is toloerable but be prepared to be in the elements for about two hours.

Valley of Fire December 26 & 30