Sunday January 17


During your 60 minute session you will shoot in a variety of studio and outdoor settings (weather permitting). This is an amazing opportunity to create a variety of content and and have at your disposal an abundance of  social media and portrait material. 


This is your session, bring the outfits of your choice or (dress up, casual or athletic wear) of your choice.   We will also have a collection of couture dresses available for you to use at no additional charge.


You are free to represent the brands of your choosing and will recieve a variety of content ranging from formal portraiture, edgy vibes and trendy lifestyle social media pictures. Each will be delivered at at a minumum the following:

  • 25 Color Corrected and lightly retouched images in high resolution digital format.
  • Print releases to print images up to 16x20
  • 60 minute multiple backdrop photo session

*Note the above deliverables are a minimum number of images, often each client will recieve more than the amounts specified.



Portland Empire Premium Photoshoot

January 17 Time Slots

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